linda e paul mccartney são um dos meus casais favoritos, vivendo (ainda na minha mente) a vida dos meus sonhos. sempre me comoveu muito o refúgio e a simplicidade que eles criaram para eles e para seus filhos, um estilo de vida retratado perfeitamente nas músicas do paul e nas fotografias da linda.

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I always think of Linda still as my girlfriend. That’s how we started out in the 60s, just as friends. Whenever I was working late somewhere, I just never fancied it. I thought ‘Well, I could stay overnight in this posh hotel, or I could go home to Linda’. And it was always the brighter of the two options ‘Yeah, go home to Linda’. It was just I liked being with her, quite frankly. I think that’s the most difficult thing about losing her, just how much I enjoyed being with her.
Paul McCartney

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every night i just wanna go out, get out of my head
every day i don’t wanna get up, get out of my bed
every night i want to play out
and every day i wanna do-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
but tonight i just wanna stay in
and be with you
and be with you


When we went for a drive, Linda always wanted to get lost. I had an in-built panic about being lost. I always want to know where London is. I don’t want to get to, say, Staines and not know my way back. We would go down to the most obscure places, have a great time, find a little tearoom or a riverbank. She taught me little things like that, to relax and be down to earth. It was very valuable to me then, a great part of the healing process after the Beatles broke up. Linda was a very natural woman. She loved the fresh air and the freedom and the privacy of the countryside. She was just a great person to hang out with: very funny, very smart and very talented.
Paul McCartney



linda tinha a reputação de ser uma pessoa positiva, mesmo quando estava lutando contra o câncer que encerrou sua vida em 1997. compartilhou com paul seu amor pelos animais (principalmente cavalos), fotografia e culinária. também preferia morar afastada da cidade, um pouco em isolamento, que muito combinava com seu temperamento calmo e não ostentativo.

I had daydreams and fantasies when I was growing up. I always wanted to live in a log cabin at the foot of a mountain. I would ride my horse to town and pick up provisions. Then return to the cabin, with a big open fire, a record player and peace.
Linda Mccartney


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i want a horse, i got a sheep
i wanna get me a good night’s sleep
living in a home in the heart of the country


i’d like to climb up a hill with you
stand on top and admire the view
i’d like to roll down a hill with you
would you like to do it too, may?

would you like to do it too?


gosto que na história deles me parece que não houve renúncias, e sim, parcerias. linda participando dos discos do paul e da turnê do wings, mas continuando a fotografar a família e a exercer sua profissão original. também se envolveu com paul em causas em defesa dos animais e escreveu livros de culinária de muito sucesso. de forma natural, concretizou tudo que ela amava em projetos. tudo enquanto criava seus 4 filhos: heather, mary, stella e james.

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The beliefs I was raised with – to respect animals and to be aware of nature, to understand that we share this planet with other creatures – have had a huge impact on me.
Stella McCartney

She was an instinctive photographer and always unobtrusive. She wasn’t that interested in straight portraiture or art photography – the images she caught were nearly always intimate, relaxed and oddly revealing.
Mary McCartney 

She was always very beautiful. That picture of Linda on the tube shows her perfectly: beautiful hands, absolutely no make-up, just the structure of the face. The argyle socks that everyone used to make fun of. She had two pairs and used to wear a red one with a green one. She was a very natural girl, naturally blonde. It was a very casual look. That’s how the two of us went around in those days – down into the tube, and I shot a couple of pictures of her and she shot a couple of me. Soon after the tube picture was taken I broke up with the Beatles, which was a horrendous thing for me. Linda was very matter of fact, very down to earth – two of the attributes I really needed at the time. And also she was a woman. Until then I’d felt I’ve been dating girls – well, except maybe one or two. Linda was genuinely a woman. She had a five-year-old child and I was genuinely impressed by the way she handled herself in life. She just knew how to do it. I found that very impressive.
Paul McCartney


look like a woman 
dress like a lady 
talk like a baby 
love like a woman
oo you  oo you


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